Quality Department

Main tasks of the Quality Department

  1. To study the latest trends in the development of teaching, learning and evaluation methods, teaching aids and other aspects of the educational process and to introduce the most appropriate innovations in the University;
  2. Develop and ensure implementation of the requirements of methodological standards and quality assurance of studies in all forms of study;
  3. Ensure monitoring of distance learning study process;
  4. Provide information and advice on distance learning study process to promote distance learning promotion, recognition and attraction of students;
  5. Develop a procedure for increasing the quality of studies (including, but not limited to):
  6. Implementation and control of the basic requirements of the e-platform for face-to-face and distance learning classes;
  7. Providing anonymity for the review of students ‘ final works;
  8. Provision of examination and examination assessments;
  9. Development of authentication procedures for the performer of Distance Learning tests;
  10. Implementation and maintenance of the system of anonymity of students.
  11. Introduction, maintenance and improvement of the questionnaire system of the parties involved in the work of the university;
  12. Creating and maintaining a senior database of student groups;
  13. Advising students and teaching staff on teaching and learning methods;
  14. Organize and conduct staff training and seminars on the latest teaching methodology requirements;
  15. To provide monthly and annual workloads of reports, including academic and administrative staff involved in distance learning process, as well as preparation and submission of other reports to other university departments as well as external institutions;
  16. Within its competence to cooperate with university departments and external institutions with the aim of developing and improving the activities of the department;
  17. Maintain information about the department and its current events on university’s website.

Lita Māsēna
Acting Quality Manager
318, Meža iela 3
Guna Arente
Clerical process administrator
318, Meža iela 3
Arita Veismane
Study Quality Administrator
318, Meža iela 3

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