Lūcija Rutka

Rector, professor

Graduated from:

  • Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Latvia and obtained a master’s degree in mathematics.
  • RISEBA University of Applied Sciences and obtained a master’s degree in personnel management.
  • Doctoral studies at the University of Latvia and obtained a doctoral degree in psychology.

Lūcija is an author of more than 50 scientific publications in internationally recognised databases (Web of Science, Scopus, EBSCO, etc.) in psychology, personnel management, pedagogy and education. Author of several methodological tools and the book “Pedagoga psiholoģiskā kompetence”.

Member of the Latvian Association of Professional Psychologists and the American Educational Researchers Association, expert in educational sciences of the Latvian Council of Sciences.

She draws inspiration from travelling, studying and communicating with people. In her spare time she grows flowers and watches the cosmos with a telescope

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