Jevgenijs Kurovs

Chairman of the Board

He is an entrepreneur and lecturer at the RISEBA University of Applied Sciences (Riga, Latvia) having a course titled ‘Business modeling‘. In 2016 he received a Doctoral degree in Economics in Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw, Poland).

In 2010 Jevgenijs Kurovs have graduated Masters program in European Business Studies in Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration (Riga, Latvia) In 2008 received Bachelor degree from University of Glamorgan (Cardiff, Wales). During bachelor program Jevgenijs Kurovs spend one semester (Erasmus exchange program) in Ecole Superieure du Commerce Exterieur (Paris, France). He also studied Japanese language for 12 years in Riga Municipality Secondary School of Japanese Language and Culture (Riga, Latvia).

Jevgenijs Kurovs is interested in sports, travel and research projects in sustainability, social responsibility and business management.

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