Mission, vision and values

Our ultimate purpose is to develop socially responsible entrepreneurs, leaders, managers and professionals for Latvian and international businesses and society through being a learning community that strives to be an international centre of expertise in the areas of business, art and technology by providing high-quality, multidisciplinary, student-centred, interactive, research and innovation driven undergraduate, graduate, executive education and lifelong learning.

We see ourselves as a sustainable and internationally recognised university of business, arts and technology – an entrepreneurial university that combines the capability to serve a wide variety of individual characteristics and needs for education and professional development through the use of distinctive teaching methods and innovative approaches that integrate the unique interdisciplinary paradigm “business meets art” and ultimately serve as a hub for networking of professionals in business and creative industries.

We work and operate in an open-minded and morally healthy environment, based on mutual trust and respect. We promote openness to innovations and creativity with an entrepreneurial spirit and attitude.

We focus on excellence of service and high quality performance in all our activities. 

We ensure a diverse, inclusive and multicultural environment by offering various study 
programmes, forms of study and training in different languages. 

We continuously cooperate and share knowledge and experience among various stakeholders, including business and professional community, our students, alumni, faculty, staff, and other interested groups.

We promote the continuous personal and professional development of our students and partners as well as ourselves. 

We act as a socially responsible organization and develop socially responsible leaders and 

We act in order to make a positive impact on the rapid and sustainable development of 

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