5 reasons to study at RISEBA private university

Professor Lūcija Rutka, Rector of RISEBA, encourages everyone who wants to study to join the private university student family, as private universities can offer many important advantages. We would like to introduce you to five of them.

It is an opportunity to offer the student an individual study plan that best suits their life needs and situation. It is possible to organise your studies in person during the day or in the evening, by distance learning, in hybrid form or even to draw up a personalised study plan. This is the main reason why people who have moved to another country for a while, young parents with busy daily lives, and people in professions that do not work full-time – athletes, artists, musicians, opinion leaders or influencers, etc. – choose to study in a private university. For this reason, RISEBA also hosts several bronze medallists of the 2023 World Ice Hockey Championship – Rodrigo Ābols, Kristiāns Rubīns and Oskars Cibuļskis, as well as other bright personalities in sport, music and culture.

Private university is able to offer a more personal relationship with lecturers, programme directors and programme administrators who provide direct support to the student throughout the study process. This can be a significant benefit for students who need additional support or adjustments to achieve the best possible success in their studies. During the course of their studies, each group of students has a tutor who, if necessary, helps them to solve various problems and provides support in times of uncertainty or learning difficulties.

The number of students per course is significantly lower in private universities compared to public universities. This allows lecturers to give more individual attention to each student, to help them understand the study material and to learn new skills. This format also creates a favourable environment for studying subjects that use interactive methods and require the use of new technologies – for example, at RISEBA these are the programmes Audiovisual Media Arts, Public Relations and Advertising Management, and Architecture. A smaller number of students per course also creates a closer emotional bond between students and a sense of a mutually supportive “shoulder”.

Due to fewer students, and therefore less competition for ERASMUS+ study or traineeship places, every private higher education student has a better chance to go on a full-cycle ERASMUS+ mobility trip within their study programme.

Studying in a private university gives you plenty of opportunities to network, get useful internships or even job offers from the university’s long-standing partners, alumni and faculty. It could be an internship at a prestigious bank branch or communications agency, a chance to participate in the filming of a TV series or film, the organisation of an international conference or exhibition, and many other exciting opportunities. The student council is also an excellent environment for development and networking, as it not only represents and defends students’ interests at the university management level, but also adds colour to everyday life with spring and Christmas balls, new student initiations and many other themed events.

If our values are aligned, come and join the RISEBA student family! RISEBA welcomes all interested students – visit the Admissions section of our website and choose your field of study from a range of Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral programmes.

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