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RISEBA is a unique brand and is recognizable among other schools of higher education. The logotype of RISEBA consists of a rhombus with the letter R in its center, in Latvian or in English – RISEBA and a white-and-blue rectangle with the text Biznesa, mākslas un tehnoloģiju augstskola in Latvian or University of Applied Sciences in English underneath. The logotype of RISEBA is used in all administrative documentation and presentation materials of school. There are certain conditions when the logotype is used for printing or internet use.


In year 2005, the unique coat of arms was designed particularly for RISEBA by artists – Ilze Libiete and Juris Ivanovs 

This RISEBA heraldry consists of a shield, with a white open book with black lines, at the top there are two crossed golden keys turned downwards. There is a black Rector’s beret with a blue and scarlet band and tassel. The coat of arms is held by two owls, who are standing on a vignette of the ornament, under which the golden banner with the motto ANNO SCENTIA VINCES 1992. The motto means – Acquisition of knowledge since 1992.

The coat of arms was approved by the president of the Republic of Latvia- Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga and the Chairman of Heraldry – Laimonis Senbergs.

RISEBA coat of arms is used in the diplomas issued by the School, honour diplomas, students’ cards, the School’s flag, banderol, stamps, presentations related to the School, materials for publishing, which can be used with or without the logo of RISEBA any other language is used during the presentations the RISEBA symbol with English transcript is used.


There are two kinds of flags that are used at RISEBA:

  1. The first one is white with the letter „R” in the middle of the flag and a short version of the RISEBA logo. This flag is displayed at the building of RISEBA, as well as used as a mark of recognition at various events such as – conferences and other cultural events.
  2.  The second Flag (representative flag). On the one side of the flag on a white background RISEBA coat of arms is embroidered, but on another side of the flag, the title of the school is written in blue letters surrounded by golden stars and fringe at the edge of the flag. This flag is placed in the RISEBA Senate room and is used during formal ceremonies, international events, graduation ceremonies and other important events.

RISEBA logotype

Official RISEBA University logo in Latvian

Official RISEBA University logo in English

Download all RISEBA logotypes here

Background to online communication platforms

RISEBA offers communication platform backgrounds in Latvian

Platform backgrounds in Latvian

RISEBA offers communication platform backgrounds in English

Platform backgrounds in English

RISEBA anthem

RISEBA anthem was written in 2002. The author of the text is Guntars Račs and author of the music is Uldis Marhilevičs. The anthem is usually played during ceremonies such as graduation ceremony and university birthday.



We get it all!
We get it now!
We go this way and keep it with love!
We get the best!
We need no rest
We are simply number one!

Mēs zinām, ko mēs vēlamies,
Jo mūsu ceļš ir zināšanām klāts.
Mēs zinām, kurp mēs dodamies,
RISEBA – palīdz tālāk iet.

Mēs to zinām – kas ir vajadzīgs,
Lai šajā pasaulē mums paveiktos.
Mēs to zinām, ka nekas nav sīks,
Ņem visu pats, to citi neiedos!

We get it all!
We get it now!
We go this way and keep it with love!
We get the best!
We need no rest!
We are simply number one!

Mēs zinām, ko mēs nezinām,
Un tieši tāpēc vēl mācāmies!
Ver durvis vaļā, kas bija ciet,
RISEBA – palīdz tālāk iet!

Mēs vēlamies – to vislabāko,
Mēs vēlamies to iegūt, šeit, tūlīt!
Mēs vēlamies – to vislabāko,
RISEBA var sapņus piepildīt!

Lyrics by © 2002 Guntars Račs
Music by © 2002 Uldis Marhilevičs


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