Recognition of study results

RISEBA University of Applied Sciences carries out recognition of knowledge, skills and competences acquired outside formal education or professional experience, or of study results achieved in previous education (hereinafter – recognition of study results), in accordance with Cabinet of Ministers Regulation No. 505 ” Rules for recognition of competences acquired outside formal education or professional experience and of study results achieved in previous education”.

1.    A person who wishes the results of his studies to be recognized, shall turn to the relevant study programme director for consultation;

2.    The applicant, by self-evaluation, prepares a set of documents:
application for recognition of study results;
supporting documents with evidence: 

  • Recognising the results of courses achieved outside formal education, evidence may include: diplomas, certificates, course attestations, etc. issued by training organisers.
  • Acknowledging the results of the courses achieved in professional experience, the evidence may be: employment contract, job description, products created by the applicant or written evaluations and certifications prepared by someone who has assessed the applicant in the course of work, etc.
  • In recognition of the study results obtained in previous education, the proof may be a certificate of attending the course.

receipt or printout of payment order for recognition of achieved study results payment: recognition of results achieved outside formal education or professional experience-70 EUR, recognition of results obtained in previous education-50 EUR.

3.    A set of documents shall be submitted by the applicant to the director of the RISEBA programme in paper or as electronic document, with prior presentation of the original documents.

4.    The commission shall assess the application with the documents attached to it, according to the study results the criteria for recognition, decision, and, if necessary, to determine the challenges in the study of the results of the evaluation, and requests for further information from the applicant.

5.    The director of the programme shall inform the applicant of the decision.

More about the procedure for recognizing the results of studies, see. Bylaws

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