Creative Business incubator

The creative business incubator of RISEBA was created with the aim of providing support to students and graduates of the institution of higher education in the start-up and development of a new business. It offers motivational mentoring and experienced business coach sessions, advice and recommendations to its participants in business model selection, business plan development, project management issues, accounting and legal solutions, valuable experience in networking events, inspirational guest lectures and seminars, and infrastructure support.

Our goal

Support RISEBA students in the process of developing business ideas and projects and accelerating new start-ups.

Our mission

Provide all students and alumni of RISEBA with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the field of entrepreneurship, as well as a sustainable environment in which new and emerging businesses can develop and develop.

Our vision

Every RISBEA student has the opportunity to start a business by turning a business plan or business project into a real business.

during 8 seasons of existence, the incubator continued to encourage young entrepreneurs and provided professional support to incubators to develop new business ideas.

Support: the incubator has supported 94 incubator members and has helped develop 69 business ideas.
Consultancy and services: business coaching and mentoring sessions, networking events, guest lectures.
A wide network of experts provided their services to teams covering areas of expertise such as the food industry, innovation, banking and finance, team training, risk management and project management.

Business Incubator Team Nr. 1

Name: Latvian Building Regulations App
Participant: Markuss Brieze
Description: Simplifying the process of compliance with architectural design regulations.

Business Incubator Team Nr. 2

Name: Elio Morocco
Participant: Linda Baltā
Description: 100% natural cosmetics from Morocco

Business Incubator Team Nr. 3

Name: Animācijas studija
Participant: Sintija Ķirsone
Description: The creation of an animation studio that gives young animators and industry workers the opportunity to have their first work experience in a studio that prioritises their development and prepares them for the job market, without sacrificing the quality of the project.

Business Incubator Team Nr. 4

Name: Pandemonium
Participant: Viktorija Brikmane
Description: A place for artists to meet for workshops, coffee breaks, art activities, discussions and relaxation.

Business Incubator Team Nr. 5

Name: Sustainable Gym
Participants: Anna Smirnova, Aleksandrs Maceraliks, Elena Kim
Description: A gym using cardio equipment that generates electricity.

Business Incubator Team Nr. 6

Participant: Rasa Gicēviča

Creative Business Incubator season opening 2023

Creative Business Incubator season opening 2023

Informal Insight guest lecture: Zane Rashchewska’s conversation with Monta Vilumsson, author of the book “Becoming a Human again,” May 27, 2021 at the Architecture and Media Center H2O.

Watch the video here:

Zane Raščevska
Head of the Learning Centre
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