Order of payment

Payment of the study fee may be performed:

In payments by semester, the annual study fee shall be divided into 2 payments to be made annually by 15 August and by 15 January;

In monthly instalments, the annual study fee is divided into 10 instalments to be paid by the 15 th of each month (first instalment by 15 August, final instalment by 15 May, respectively). In this case, the annual study fee is increased by 5%. Upon commencement of studies (first year of study) – the first payment of the study fee shall be made for two months within 7 calendar days after entering into the study contract.

Regardless of the procedures for payment of the selected study fee, each subsequent study fee invoice shall be issued 1 times per semester (before the beginning of the semester).

Important: When filling out the application, the studios must choose the desired procedure for conducting the study fee, which will be included in the study contract.

Additional paid services

How payments are made

The payment order target shall contain information in the following order:

The purpose of the payment order shall specify information in the following order: the student’s given name, personal identity number, invoice number.

Bank details:

SIA “RISEBA University of Business, Arts and Technology”
Reg. No.: 40003090010
Bank: A/S Swedbank
Account No.: LV24HABA0001408052471

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