Portfolio for Employment (PFE) (Erasmus+)

Portfolio for Employment (PFE) (Erasmus+)

Project name: Erasmus+, KA220-VET – Portfolio for Employment containing a variety of tools to facilitate job market access for VET trainees from all backgrounds (PORTFOLIO FOR EMPLOYMENT, PFE)

Contract: 2021-1-BE01-KA220-VET-000034646

Project duration: 02/2022-01/2025

Project partners: Spain

Project aim: To create a Portfolio for Employment by bringing together different tools that will help young people in vocational training schools to prepare for the labour market. Existing tools and methods will be identified and innovative tools will be developed, as well as cross-border exchanges and cooperation will be promoted.

The strategic objectives are to facilitate access to the labour market for vocational school students from different backgrounds, to create opportunities for learning and development in line with labour market requirements; to promote social inclusion and to help ensure the successful transition of vocational school students into working life. The different partner countries will make the project results multilingual and promote international cooperation and the mainstreaming of Erasmus+ values.

Planned activities: Existing tools and methods will be adapted to the current times of change through cooperation between partners. The cooperation between the project partners will facilitate access not only to the labour market but also to resources and opportunities at European level.

The collaboration will develop models and resources for the Work Portfolio, with different tools to facilitate access to the labour market for vocational school students.

  1. A pedagogical methodology for trainers will be developed for remote, hybrid and face-to-face coaching;
  2. A freely accessible curriculum with 5 interactive modules will be developed for vocational school students;
  3. Materials to help young people apply for jobs;
  4. The project team will also develop interactive learning materials to help prepare for job interviews;
  5. And will create interactive materials/learning activities to help you get started in a new company;
  6. In addition to providing young people with self-reflection tools.

The Community of Practice model will be used, actively involving partners at European level. There will also be dissemination of materials on various open platforms and sharing of information on social networks.

Cooperation between different regions and countries, between VET institutions and between trainers will be actively promoted. There will also be cross-sectoral benefits from the PFE project involving higher education, schools and adult education as well as youth work. The models and interactive tools to be developed can also be applied in all these sectors

Application and integration of the results into RISEBA’s activities: the interactive modules developed in the project, which help young people to apply for jobs, prepare for job interviews and start working, will be adapted and offered to our students within the RISEBA Career Centre, also helping them to enter the labour market more easily.

For more information on the project and its progress, visit the project web page.

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