Nordplus Platform for Co-operation Between Schools and Enterprises

Nordplus Higher Education Platform for Co-operation Between Schools and Enterprises

Project name: Nordplus Higher Education Platform for Co-operation Between Schools and Enterprises

Contract: NPHZ-2022/10041

Project duration: 09/2022-09/2024

Project partners: Vilniaus kolegija / University of Applied Sciences, RISEBA University of Applied Sciences, Estonian University of Life Sciences, Tallinn University, The Tallinn School of Economics, South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences, University of Tartu.

Project overarching objective: To develop a digital platform, in collaboration with project partners, fostering cooperation between educational institutions and enterprises. The platform will be developed in four languages (Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish).

The main objectives of the project are to implement the priorities of the Nordplus 2018-2022 programme:

  1. Strengthen and develop Nordic cooperation in education and contribute to the creation of a Nordic-Baltic education area;
  2. support, develop, exploit and promote innovative products and processes in education through a systematic exchange of experience and good practice;
  3. to contribute to the development of quality and innovation in education systems in the Nordplus countries involved in lifelong learning through cooperation in education and training, labour market development projects, exchange programmes and networking.

Planned activities:

  • Analysis of other existing platforms – what platforms already exist, their advantages and disadvantages, the services they offer and user feedback;
  • surveys and interviews to find out the needs and expectations of market stakeholders, such as businesses and the education sector;
  • platform development roadmap and implementation of general changes (including design, general texts, language, search, feedback, etc.);
  • the development of each new service (including baseline, functional description, development, service design including UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design, terms of use, etc.);
  • testing of the digital platform and its services;
  • promotion and marketing of the platform to businesses;
  • analysis of results and recommendations.

Application and integration of the results into RISEBA activities: As a result of the project, companies and educational institutions from Latvia, Lithuania and Finland can promote educational services and offer each other their international services.

  • Educational institutions market their activities, foster closer cooperation with businesses, and complement learning activities with practical applications;
  • Businesses – can develop their employees through quality courses, offer employees the challenge of participating in school activities, find competent trainees and employees in the sector more easily.

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