Nordplus Cooperation in Competition (Co-in-Co)

Nordplus Adult education 2021 Cooperation in Competition

Project name: Nordplus Adult education 2021 Cooperation in Competition

Contract: NPAD-2021/10064

Project Duration: 11/2021-02/2024

Project partners: RISEBA University of Applied Sciences (LV), IS-STEP BY STEP COUNCULTING (IS-Sfs radgjof)(IS), EE-Eesti People to People (EE), LT-NGO Educational projects (LT-EduPro), NO-Prios Kompetanse AS (NO-PK), GL-Department of Industry and Businesses, Avannaata Kommunia (Northern Municipality) (GL-Avannaata Kommunia)

Project purpose: The Co-in-Co project addresses the impact of COVID19 on micro, small and medium entrepreneurship, small businesses in rural areas, Nordic and Baltic countries by promoting adult training in cluster work and digital skills. The project aims to develop and improve the existing knowledge of the project participants: trainers and their participants from micro and small rural enterprises.

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