C-DISK “Certify DIgital Soft sKills” (Erasmus+)

C-DISK “Certify DIgital Soft sKills” (Erasmus+)

Project title: Erasmus+ C-DISK “Certify DIgital Soft sKills

Agreement: CUP G49J21017460006

Project duration: 02/2022-10/2024

Projekta partneris: Biznesa, mākslas un tehnoloģiju augstskola “RISEBA” (Latvia), UPI – ljudska univerza Zalec (Slovenia), TURUN YLIOPISTO (Somija),  Business Innovation Center Innobridge (Bulgaria), AINTEK SYMVOULOI EPICHEIRISEON EFARMOGES YPSILIS TECHNOLOGIAS EKPAIDEFSI ANONYMI ETAIREIA (Greece),  ASFOR Associazione Italiana per la Formazione Manageriale (Italy).

Description: Organizations and workers are called to keep up with the new ‘digital world’ and avoid the risk of losing competitive positions and being excluded from the labor market. Successfully addressing Digital Transformation requires companies and workers to develop a wide range of digital and interpersonal knowledge, skills and attitudes, there is a strong backwardness in the development of strategies at the level of human capital in order to accompany DT: only 20% of companies have initiated cultural change and skills development actions; the lack of adequate staff and skills in the digital environment (36%) represents one of the major obstacles to the development of a digital strategy. At the same time, inadequacy of the available VET programs and a skill shortage on the labour market occur; hence, the urgent need to update and integrate professional training (initial and continuous) processes in order to facilitate digital transitions in the labour market. 

 Based on those findings, C-DISK project has the following objectives: 

  1. Supporting the growth of the level of digital skills, both technological knowledge and soft skills / e-leadership, of students and workers involved in VET and continuous training processes.
  2. Contributing to the reduction of the mismatch between supply and demand (skill shortage) of adequate professionalism on the labour market in light of the digital transformation. 
  3. Favouring the formal recognition of the acquisition of digital skills, hard and soft, in support of transition processes / labour mobility (school-work, intersectoral, between territorial areas, between countries). 
  4. Increasing the capacity of initial and continuing vocational training institutes to design and deliver training courses for the development of students ‘and workers’ digital skills 

 Project website: https://c-disk.eu/ 

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