RISEBA projects

RISEBA is proud to be part of the European educational development and entrepreneurial innovation, which is organised through projects that promote cooperation, both with the ERASMUS+ programme and other prestigious cooperation partners. These projects bring significant value to our students and to the whole society.
We believe that education is an investment in the future and we are therefore proud of our involvement in projects that provide students and lecturers the opportunity to gain and share best practice across Europe.
The University has unquestionable cooperation with various international organisations and universities, participating in projects that allow students to learn and put into practice the latest knowledge and international experience.

ERASMUS + projects

The International Youth Programme Agency’s Erasmus+ programme (2021-2027) offers young people aged 13-30, youth workers and others involved in youth work the opportunity to acquire new competences and experience, promote social inclusion, participation, creativity and innovative approaches at organisational and policy level in the youth field.

More about ERASMUS+ projects

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