Programme accreditation

The study field “Economics” and the corresponding study programmes – the academic bachelor’s study programme “Start-up Economics and Finance”, the professional master’s study programme “International Finance” and the academic master’s study programme “Big Data Analytics” – are accredited until August 5, 2027 .

The study field “Management, Administration and Real Estate Management” and study programmes corresponding to the field – academic bachelor study programme “Business Psychology”, professional bachelor study programmes “Business Management”, “European Business Studies”, professional master’s study programmes “Project Management”, “Human Resource Management”, “Business Management”, “International Business”, “Management Psychology and Supervision”, “Strategic Business Management”, “Sports management”, the joint academic master’s study programme “Health Management” and the joint doctoral study programme “Business Management” – are accredited until October 14, 2027

The study field “Architecture and Construction” and study programmes corresponding to the field – academic bachelor study programme “Architecture” and professional master’s study programme “Architecture” – are accredited until February 2nd, 14, 2029

In accordance with the Law on Higher Education Institutions, the term of accreditation of study fields is extended:

  • to accredit the study field “Information and Communication Sciences” no later than November 25, 2023;
  • to accredit the study field “Arts” no later than June 30, 2023.

More information can be found here. 

Self-evaluation reports of study fields (2019/2020)

“Management, Administration and Real Estate Management”


“Information and Communication Sciences”

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