International Finance

Master’s programme 60 or 80 CP

This is a master’s programme that prepares highly qualified professionals to work in the fields of international finance.

Accredited: until 5 August 2027


General information

  • Duration:
    1.5 years,
    2 years
  • Type:
    Full-time (evenings)
  • Language:
    English (full-time), Latvian (full-time)
  • Credit points:
    60 KP / 90 ECTS | 80 KP / 120 ECTS
  • Fee:
    For citizens and permanent residents of the Republic of Latvia:
    EUR 2960 (in Latvian)
    EUR 4620 (English)

    EU, EEA, CIS, Ukraine, Georgia and Turkmenistan citizens:
    EUR 2960 (in Latvian)
    5620 EUR (English)

    For non-EU citizens:
    EUR 5800 (English)

This is a master’s programme that prepares highly qualified professionals to work in the fields of international finance. Students learn the most important skills in this field: collecting and processing financial information, calculating and analysing financial ratios, and developing proposals to improve the financial performance of an enterprise or institution.
This programme is also open to students whose previous higher education is not related to this field.

The on-site lectures take place in the evenings and include both theoretical lectures and practical activities: group exercises, interactive discussions and lectures by guest speakers. Most of the programme’s faculty members are highly regarded and active in the financial sector.
“During the course, the lecturers always involve the students in discussions and take into account the students’ wishes regarding the learning of certain practical aspects that students need in their daily professional life,” is how a graduate of this programme, Member of the Board of SIA “Abrams Business Services” and the responsible accountant Oto Kristiāns Abrams, describes the course of studies.

Corporate governance and organisational performance

Financial Risk Management

Strategic Interaction between Business and Information Technology

Project Management

Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Ecology

Civil Protection (to be studied in addition to the programme, if this course was not included in the bachelor’s programme)

Finance, accounting, audit

Corporate Finance

Financial Markets

The Role of the Compliance Function in Today’s Financial World

International Auditing and Financial Reporting Standards and Audit

International Tax Policy

Financial Management and Management Accounting

Venture Capital and Start-Up Creation and Financing

Financial Evaluation and Strategy: Investments

Scientific work and its organisation

Data Visualisation Methods 

Research Methodology

Forecasting Methods

Internship I 

Internship II 

Master’s thesis 

Admission rules

Please read the admission rules published on our website under Study at RISEBA -> Admission rules

Career opportunities

Graduates of the “International Finance” programme can work in the finance departments of Latvian and foreign companies and institutions, as well as in banks and auditing firms. The graduate can use the acquired skills also when working as a company manager, as well as in setting up his/her own business. A special advantage: during studies and after graduation, RISEBA provides students with internship and work opportunities.

Opportunities for further study

After graduation, a student can continue education in the doctoral programme “Business Management”.

International opportunities

Double degree study mobility

Students of this programme have the opportunity to participate in a double degree exchange programme and go to the partner university KEDGE Business School in France. Students are selected on the basis of their academic results and their English language skills.
Find out more about the double degree exchange programme here!

Any student of the master’s programme who has completed at least one year of study can participate in the Erasmus+ exchange programme.
A student can study for 1 or 2 semesters at one of RISEBA’s partner universities. The duration of study mobility is 2–12 months.
The student does not have to pay for the period spent in the study and internship exchange programme abroad; the tuition fee is covered by the partner university, but the student continues to pay the RISEBA tuition fee. For the period spent abroad during mobility, the student is awarded an Erasmus+ scholarship to cover the costs of transport and accommodation.
* Erasmus+ internship mobility provides that a student can undergo an internship in one of the companies of interest in one of the Erasmus+ programme countries. For this internship period, the student receives an Erasmus+ scholarship. The duration of internship mobility is 2–12 months.
Find out more about Erasmus+ and how to apply here!

Self-assessment reports:

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Senior study program administrator
108, Meža iela 3
Marija Janova
Senior study program administrator
108, Meža iela 3
Evita Petroviča
Admissions specialist
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