Strategic Business Management

Professional master’s programme 42 KP / 63 ECTS

This study programme is suitable for those who have completed a higher profiling education (business, economics or a similar field) and whose bachelor’s studies have lasted at least 4 years.

Accredited: until 14 October 2027


General information

  • Duration:
    1 year (full-time)
    1.5 years (distance learning)
  • Type:
    Distance learning, Full-time
  • Language:
    English (distance learning), Latvian (full-time)
  • Credit points:
    42 CP / 63 ECTS
  • Programme degree:
    Professional master's degree in management
  • Fee:
    For citizens and permanent residents of the Republic of Latvia:
    3600 EUR ( Full-time, Latvian)
    3900 EUR (Distance learning, English)

    EU, EEA, EU candidate countries:
    3900 EUR (Distance learning, English)

    Other countries:
    4500 EUR (Distance learning, English)

This study programme is suitable for those who have completed a higher profiling education (business, economics or a similar field) and whose bachelor’s studies have lasted at least 4 years. Upon completion of this master’s programme, a student develops the following skills: organisational management, financial resource management, analytical and strategic thinking, human resource management, etc. Development of the student’s personality and business communication skills receives special emphasis, given that these are the two things employers identify as most important in a business environment.

Full-time studies in the form of lectures take place in Latvian in the main building of RISEBA, at 3 Meža Street, while distance learning studies take place remotely in English in the e-learning environment. Students of the programme have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge by attending guest lectures organised by RISEBA and delivered by Latvian and foreign business leaders. The modules of the study programme are developed to cover all basic functions of a business, giving students (potential managers) a strategic look at an organisation and its management.

Module “Business Strategy and Models”

Business competitiveness and strategic management in an international environment
Corporate social responsibility and sustainability

Module “HR, Information and Knowledge Management”

HR and change management
Innovation and organisational development
Risk management

Module “Practical Projects and Research”

Internship “Research in Business”

Module “Effective Managerial Skills”

Contemporary management psychology
Negotiation management and conflict resolution
Diversity management

Module “Globalisation, Markets and Finance”

Finance for strategic decision-making
Financial markets and institutions
Globalisation processes and marketing

Master’s thesis

Faculty members

Admission rules

Please read the admission rules published on our website under Study at RISEBA -> Admission rules

Career opportunities

Graduates of this study programme become managers of Latvian and international organisations, heads of divisions or departments, heads of strategic and development projects. The knowledge a student gains also enables him/her to set up and run his/her own business.

Opportunities for further study

After graduation, a student can continue education in the doctoral programme “Business Management”.

Any student of the master’s programme who has completed at least one year of study can participate in the Erasmus+ exchange programme.
A student can go to study at one of RISEBA’s partner universities. The duration of study mobility is 2–12 months.
The student does not have to pay for the period spent in the study and internship exchange programme abroad; the tuition fee is covered by the partner university, but the student continues to pay the RISEBA tuition fee. For the period spent abroad during mobility, the student is awarded an Erasmus+ scholarship to cover the costs of transport and accommodation.
* Erasmus+ internship mobility provides that a student can undergo an internship in one of the companies of interest in one of the Erasmus+ programme countries. For this internship period, the student receives an Erasmus+ scholarship. The duration of internship mobility is 2–12 months.
Find out more about Erasmus+ and how to apply here!

Self-assessment reports:

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Senior study program administrator
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