Audiovisual Media Arts

Bachelor’s programme 160 CP

“Audiovisual Media Arts” is a programme where talented and up-and-coming professionals, without whom the media, arts and marketing industries are unthinkable, polish their skills.

Accredited: until 31 December 2023


General information

  • Duration:
    4 years (full-time)
    4.5 years (part-time)
  • Type:
    Full-time, Part-time in person (evenings and Saturdays) every other week
  • Language:
    English (full-time day studies), Latvian (full-time, part-time)
  • Credit points:
    160 CP
  • Fee:
    For citizens and permanent residents of the Republic of Latvia:
    3340 EUR (full-time in Latvian)
    3940 EUR (full-time in English)
    2960 EUR (part-time in Latvian)

    EU, EEA, CIS, Ukraine, Georgia and Turkmenistan citizens:
    EUR 3340 (full-time in Latvian)
    EUR 4680 (full-time in English)
    EUR 2960 (part-time in Latvian)

    Non-EU citizens:
    EUR 4920 (full-time in English)

“Audiovisual Media Arts” is a programme where talented and up-and-coming professionals, without whom the media, arts and marketing industries are unthinkable, polish their skills. The professional bachelor’s studies prepare TV and film directors, cinematographers, producers and scriptwriters. During the courses of the programme, students can learn about the development of TV and cinema projects from idea to production, acquire film crew management skills, learn about technical possibilities of audiovisual content creation, the latest trends in visual, audio, aesthetic and compositional design, various content solutions, as well as acquire skills to work with information. In addition to audiovisual arts-specific subjects, the studies also include project management, business activities, public relations and other courses that prepare an arts professional for a working environment where they need to be able not only to create, but also to plan and promote the competitiveness of the arts in the market. The clear advantage of this RISEBA programme is its lecturers – outstanding Latvian and foreign audiovisual specialists.

Currently, the program is in the process of accreditation and it is planned that it will be changed to an academic program with 4 specializations: “Film Cinematographer”, “Film Producer”, “Film Director”, “Audiovisual Journalist”.

As this is a professional study programme, both full-time day and part-time evening studies are delivered in person and, alongside the theoretical courses, there are many practical classes in the video and editing studios located in the RISEBA Architecture and Media Centre H2O6. Students of this programme have the opportunity to undergo an internship in real audiovisual industry companies and participate in various projects, working side by side with professionals in the field.

1st year

Semiotics of Cinema
Applied English
Research work
Art History and Theory
History of Culture
Creative Process
Audiovisual Technologies
Fundamentals of Composition
Fundamentals of Photo Art
TV and Video Camera Work
Script Development
Music in Communication
Principles of Lighting

2nd year

Business Activities
Applied English
Fundamentals of Theatre
History of Cinema
History of Costume and Fashion
TV and Video Camera Work
TV Directing
TV and Cinema Production
Fundamentals of TV Journalism
Essentials of Audiovisual Montage
Sound Directing
Video Editing and Sound Recording Equipment
360-Degree Visualisation
History of TV

3rd year

Psychology of Advertising
Analysis and critique of creative work
TV and Film Dramaturgy
360-Degree Cinematography
The Work of a Gaffer
Aesthetics of Documentary Cinema
Psychology of Colour
TV Directing
Director’s Work with an Actor
Cooperation with the Set Designer
Photo Genres
Latvian (or English) in Communication
Creation of Scenarios
TV Adaptations
History and Theory of Literature
Script Development
Television and Video Camera Work
Crisis Management
TV Programming
TV and Cinema Production
Cinema Technology
Private Financing in Culture
Project Management

4th year

TV and Cinema Production
Television Directing
Television and Video Camera Work
Script Development
Legal Aspects of Business Activities
Public Relations and Media
TV and Cinema Production
Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
Director’s Work with an Actor
Bachelor’s thesis

Optional course

Second Foreign Language
Advertisement Creation
Fundamentals of Video Art
Sound Design
Digital Post-Production

Faculty Mambers

Admission rules

Please read the admission rules published on our website under Study at RISEBA -> Admission rules

Career opportunities

Graduate directors, cinematographers and producers are in great demand in TV companies, film and independent producers’ associations, websites, portals and other new media. These professionals will always find well-paid jobs in the field of video ad production. The knowledge a student gains from studies will also enable him/her to turn his/her personal creative ideas and creations into a private business.

Opportunities for further study

After graduation, a student can continue his/her education in the following programme:
New Media and Audiovisual Art

Any student of the bachelor’s programme “Audiovisual Media Arts” who has completed at least one year of study can participate in the Erasmus+ exchange programme.
A student can study for 1 or 2 semesters at one of RISEBA’s partner universities. The duration of study mobility is 2–12 months.
The student does not have to pay for the period spent in the study and internship exchange programme abroad; the tuition fee is covered by the partner university, but the student continues to pay the RISEBA tuition fee. For the period spent abroad during mobility, the student is awarded an Erasmus+ scholarship to cover the costs of transport and accommodation.
* Erasmus+ internship mobility provides that a student can undergo an internship in one of the companies of interest in one of the Erasmus+ programme countries. For this internship period, the student receives an Erasmus+ scholarship. The duration of internship mobility is 2–12 months.
Find out more about Erasmus+ and how to apply here!

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Senior study program administrator
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Evita Petroviča
Admissions specialist
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