Master’s in Business Management

Master’s programme 60 or 80 CP

This master’s programme provides students with a strategic perspective on company management, in-depth knowledge, skills and abilities in business, economic and management issues.

Accredited: until 14 October 2027


General information

  • Duration:
    2 years,
    2.5 years
  • Type:
    Distance learning, Part-time studies
  • Language:
    Latvian (part-time, distance learning)
  • Credit points:
    60 KP / 90 ECTS | 80 KP / 120 ECTS
  • Fee:
    LR pilsoņiem un pastāvīgajiem iedzīvotājiem:
    2400 EUR

    ES, EEZ, NVS, Ukrainas, Gruzijas un Turkmenistānas pilsoņiem:
    2400 EUR

This master’s programme provides students with a strategic perspective on company management, in-depth knowledge, skills and abilities in business, economic and management issues: human resources, business processes and sales, marketing, projects, change management, financial resource and information technology management, decision-making, etc. The programme also includes courses that develop leadership, creativity and the ability to create innovative products and services. The programme is designed to take into account the latest trends in business management.

This programme is provided in distance learning format only, which means that all study materials, including video and audio lectures and simulations, are available in an e-learning environment. In the study environment, all study tasks, tests and exams are completed, communication with teaching staff takes place.  Teamwork and communication skills are essential in the business environment, therefore, group work, simulation games and webinars are organised in individual courses, which improve students’ cooperation, presentation and argumentation skills. Some courses also include guest lectures, which give a student the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship in a practical environment.

During the studies, a student will have the opportunity to work with the RISEBA Business Incubator – developing his/her business idea, as well as participating in competitions and projects, thus gaining international experience. 

Business Strategy and Competitiveness
Strategic Interaction between Business and Information Technology
Human Resource Management
Marketing Management
Business Process and Quality Management
Management of Change and Crisis in the Organisation
Financial Management
Commercial Law
Innovation and Creativity in Business
Management Psychology and Leadership
Intercultural Communication in a Business Environment
Decision-Making in Business
Project Management
Environmental Protection and Sustainability
Financial Markets
Internship in a company (6 CP)
Research Methodology
Master’s thesis (20 CP)

Only 80 CP for those studying in the programme

Business analytical practice (20 CP, divided into 4 parts in the first four semesters)

Admission rules

Please read the admission rules published on our website under Study at RISEBA -> Admission rules

Career opportunities

Graduates can work in companies of various industries in Latvia and abroad. The acquired skills are relevant for managing teams, departments and companies. Knowledge of business principles and opportunities is sufficient for graduates to start their own private business. 

Opportunities for further study

After graduation, a student can continue education in the doctoral programme “Business Management”.

Any student of the master’s programme who has completed at least one year of study can participate in the Erasmus+ exchange programme.
A student can study for 1 or 2 semesters at one of RISEBA’s partner universities. The duration of study mobility is 2–12 months.
The student does not have to pay for the period spent in the study and internship exchange programme abroad; the tuition fee is covered by the partner university, but the student continues to pay the RISEBA tuition fee. For the period spent abroad during mobility, the student is awarded an Erasmus+ scholarship to cover the costs of transport and accommodation.
* Erasmus+ internship mobility provides that a student can undergo an internship in one of the companies of interest in one of the Erasmus+ programme countries. For this internship period, the student receives an Erasmus+ scholarship. The duration of internship mobility is 2–12 months.
Find out more about Erasmus+ and how to apply here!

Self-assessment reports:
2018/2019 LV
2018/2019 ENG
2019/2020 LV
2019/2020 ENG

Vita Jegorova
Senior study program administrator
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Jekaterina Ignatoviča
Senior study program administrator
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Evita Petroviča
Admissions specialist
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