Explore endless possibilities, discover academic excellence, and envision the path to your success at our virtual university open doors event.

Open Door e-days

RISEBA University of Applied Sciences announces Open Door E-Days – learn more about studying in Riga (Latvia). Study from home, or start your studies online and continue your studies on campus later.

During the Open Door e- day we discuss:

  • Wide study program portfolio –  from business to arts and technology
  • Various study forms – full time, distance learning, online studies
  • The core information – requirements, admission, accommodation, visa and residence permit, scholarship, etc.
  • The insight of the study process
  • Internship and career opportunities
  • Business incubator
  • International opportunities
  • Student life
  • Q&A session

Dates of upcoming Open door e-days:

  • 15.02.2024
  • 07.03.2024
  • 22.03.2024
  • 11.04.2024
  • 09.05.2024
  • 13.06.2024

RISEBA University is one of the first and biggest private universities in Latvia located in a heart of the Northern Europe. Learn more about what RISEBA has to offer.

Please register to receive zoom link. You will receive it one-two days before the event!


Benefits of studying at RISEBA

High-Quality Education
Top Instructors
Double Degree
Strong Academics
ALUMNI Connections
Impactful Diploma

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