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  • See the general rules for admission to undergraduate studies
  • Find out what the undergraduate studies offer, what the admission requirements are and whether you need to take entrance exams for your chosen programme.
  • If you have received your secondary education abroad, you shall submit a copy of your education document, showing the original, and attach a certificate issued by the Academic Information Centre ( stating which degree or diploma awarded in Latvia corresponds to the educational document you have received abroad.
  • Prepare the necessary documents in electronic format (scanned or photographed file);
  • Please note that the application for studies is completed electronically.
  • Contracts can be signed both in person and electronically.

  • a copy of the proof of previous education (original) / proof can be provided upon receipt of the document after graduation;
  • a portrait photo in a size appropriate to the document format;
  • a curriculum vitae (CV) – only for the candidates for the master’s programme;
  • registration fee (payment order from the online bank):
    • for Latvian citizens of EUR 40,
    • for others EUR 200,
    • others RISEBA Alumni EUR 50,
    • Ukraine citizens EUR 40.
  • a copy of your passport or ID card (original).
Important to consider:
  • If the applicant has acquired previous education or degrees abroad, the educational documents must be accompanied by a statement from the Academic Information Center on the recognition of education and equalization with the level of education in Latvia;
  • If there is a family name change, in addition to the mentioned documents, the document certifying the change of surname must be submitted.

The application is submitted electronically, the original documents shall be presented at the time of concluding the agreement. The applicant shall attach scanned documents to the electronic application form ( and present the originals of all documents at the time of concluding the study agreement.

When applying for bachelor’s programmes, please note that you can submit your application before providing proof of your previous education.
You can submit the supporting document once you have received it.

In order to apply for studies in the doctoral programme Media Arts and Creative Technologies, you shall:

  • send the research application to the Administrative Director of Doctoral Programme, Asst. Prof. Aigars Ceplītis, [email protected];
  • fill in the online application HERE.
  • The doctoral dissertation research application form can be downloaded HERE or can be received by email by contacting the programme administrator.
  • Important! The deadline for pre-applications for PhD thesis topics is 6 November 2023, with the deadline for submission of the completed application being 15 January 2024.

In order to apply for studies in the doctoral programme Business Management, you shall:

  • Submit a free-form essay on the possible topic of the PhD thesis (up to 12 pages), accompanied by a summary in English of up to two pages (if the essay is submitted in English, no summary is required).
  • Interview with the programme director;
  • Submit a copy of the certificate issued by the International English Language Testing Service (IELTS – minimum score 6.5 or equivalent), showing the original at RISEBA, if the person intends to study this programme in English.

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