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FutureScape 2024 is a pioneering virtual conference that brings together esteemed professionals and academics from several countries. This event focuses on exploring sustainable development within societies through the lens of digital transformation, green economy challenges, AI in education, and labour market dynamics. Our keynote speakers and round-table experts will delve into these critical areas, offering insights and fostering cross-national dialogues.

Conference plan

Key Topic 1: Digital Transformation and Leadership for Sustainable Societies

This session explores how digital transformation is reshaping leadership paradigms in the pursuit of sustainable societies. Keynote speakers will discuss the evolving role of digital leadership, emphasizing the need for leaders to adapt to technological advancements while maintaining a focus on sustainable practices. The session will highlight successful case studies where digital leadership has facilitated significant societal changes.

Key Topic 2: Challenges in the Green Economy

This segment addresses the current challenges and issues within the green economy. Experts will present on the economic and environmental impacts of transitioning to green technologies, the role of policy in supporting green initiatives, and the hurdles faced in implementing sustainable practices. The session aims to comprehensively understand the green economy’s complexities and potential solutions.

Key Topic 3: AI’s Role in Shaping Education

The rapid adaptation of AI and the emergence of generative AI tools are revolutionizing the educational landscape. This session will cover how AI transforms teaching methodologies, personalises learning experiences, and prepares students for a technology-driven future. Discussions will also discuss the ethical challenges of integrating AI into educational systems.

Key Topic 4: Addressing Labour Market Challenges

The final session will focus on tackling labour market challenges, such as building sustainable human capital and utilizing AI to address skill mismatches. Speakers will share insights on innovative strategies for workforce development, the importance of continuous learning, and how AI tools can be effectively deployed to align skills with market needs. The session aims to provide actionable strategies for creating a more adaptable and skilled workforce.

Key Topic 5: Uncovering Needs of The Invisibles for Social Inclusion in the Digital Age

The final session will focus on uncovering vulnerable social groups that remain unnoticed in the official statistics but face high social and economic exclusion risks. Addressing the needs of these groups, usually referred to as The Invisibles by educators, NGOs, and policymakers, would contribute to building better and more inclusive societies through lifelong education. We will examine the findings of the research based on a novel methodology in the Baltics and its potential application beyond.

Round-Table Discussion

The conference will conclude with a round-table discussion, allowing participants to engage with the speakers, share their perspectives, and discuss collaborative opportunities. This interactive segment aims to foster a deeper understanding and generate actionable ideas for sustainable development in societies.

Closing Remarks

FutureScape 2024 will summarise key takeaways and a call to action for participants to apply the insights gained in their respective fields and communities.

The date of the event: March 6, 2024
Time: 9:00-15:15 (Riga)
Location: Online Zoom
Participation in the event is free of charge. All registered listeners will receive a certificate of attendance.
Registration for the Conference: until March 5, 2024

You are welcome to submit your articles to the Journal of Business Management Special Issue!  
Deadline for submitting articles: until April 30, 2024

Conference programme
Call for papers

RIXARCH 2024 /2nd International Architectural Design Conference, will be held RISEBA University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Architecture and Design at H2O 6 Quarter on April 13-14, 2024.

Informative article for media


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Astra Zariņa, Architect and Pedagogue:
A Force of Nature

17th Annual Scientific Baltic Business Management Conference ASBBMC 2024



The past five years have been rich with unexpected turns affecting almost every area of human activity globally. They have created new technological hypes and, simultaneously, led to reassessing the technologies and behavioral models viewed as promising.

However, in that era of profound and unexpected turmoil, the ability to carry out effective transformations, including absorbing the growing supply of digital technologies, has not become obsolete. Seeking to balance both the capacity for technological adaptation at the transnational and national levels and the strategic management of organisations based on a sustainable development approach remaining in sight.

These considerations require academic researchers in business and finance to detect necessary changes and to seek appropriate solutions to the current economic, political, social, and technological challenges while staying focused on principles and values crucial for long-term development.

Registration and Submission of abstracts by 6 May 2024





On 7 June 2024, RISEBA University will organise the annual International Virtual Conference of Students’ Research and Artistic Works “Changing World – In Search of New Solutions 2024”.

Information on the conference sessions, registration will follow.

To apply for the “RISEBA” International Virtual Conference of Students’ Research and Artistic Works:

  • Fill in the application form until 01.05.2024.
  • Confirmation of participation will be displayed in the posted programme on www.riseba.lv website on 01.06.2024.
  • Works of the section “Innovative Solutions in Audiovisual Arts and Media” should be submitted on CD or USB to Aigars Ceplitis, [email protected], Durbes iela, Riga, with the indication “RISEBA” International Virtual Conference of Students’ Research and Artistic Works – 2024″ by 01.05.2024.
  • Works of the section “Architectural Solutions” should be submitted electronically to Zane Veja, [email protected], with the reference “RISEBA International Student Research Conference – 2024” by 01.05.2024.
  • Submit your written paper as well as the presentation of the paper by 10.05.2024. by sending it to e-mail: [email protected]
  • Present your paper at the conference 07.06.2024.
  • Presentation time at the conference: 8 minutes, discussion time after each paper: 5 – 7 minutes.

Conference format: remotely via the ZOOM online platform.
Conference languages: latvian and english

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