How to become a film industry professional?

How to become a film industry professional?

On 14th of June 2024, the 2nd year students of the Bachelor study programme “Audiovisual Media Arts” presented their exam papers in the study course “Dramaturgy and Production of TV and Film Series” ( lecturer Mg. art. Lelde Kovaļova). 

The exam was a special event for the students – during the course they developed a project for a TV series or a multi-series film with a professional presentation and a filmed visual trailer, which was presented to the representatives of the leading Latvian TV platforms TET and GO3 channels.

“I think this was a wonderful opportunity for RISEBA audiovisual students, and I am very grateful that colleagues from the industry’s leading TV channels came to the student pitching and highly appreciated both the presented projects and the overall performance, because we and the students prepared very carefully not only by developing the dramaturgical idea for the series, but also by learning the art of public speaking. We would therefore like to thank “BB Rental” for awarding Polina Rodina with a 500 EUR gift card for her unanimous jury vote and her project in the detective series “Zvaigžņu krišana”. My goal is to continue to offer students a very useful and industry-based experience, so I am grateful that university RISEBA supports not only the students’ ideas, but also the work of the lecturers, allowing them to realise new and relevant student events,” says lecturer Lelde Kovaļova, Mg. art.

If you want to become a professional of the film industry – apply and study! 

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