My conscience is a hungry fox

My conscience is a hungry fox

Efe Duyan is a Turkish poet and doctor of architectural sciences – an active and well-known personality in the world of contemporary Turkish and European poetry.

Three collections of the author’s poems have been published since 2006, and the first novel Başka was published in 2022. Poems have been translated into English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, Kurdish, Ukrainian, Danish, Hebrew and other world languages.

Since 2009, he has been actively participating in international poetry readings, festivals and events in the poetry industry, has been to the London and Edinburgh book markets, the Berlin Poetry Festival, the Mexico City Poetry Festival and many others. In 2019, Efe Dujan participated in the International Writing Residency in Iowa, USA. He has lectured on poetry at Atlanta, Boston Massachusetts and George Washington University in the USA.

The author’s repertoire includes :

  • the works of the Romanian poet Radu Vankus;
  • the works of the German author Mathias Goeritz;
  • the works of the American author Lloyd Schwartz;
  • the works of the Latvian author Madara Gruntmane.

He was the editor of several literary magazines and the organizer of poetry festivals. Along with the creative activity, Efes’ academic career is connected with the work of a lecturer in Turkish and European universities.

Currently, Efe Dujans lives in Riga and holds the position of Head of Scientific direction at the RISEBA university, Faculty of Architecture and Design. In the spring of 2022, Efe Dujan was one of the authors and organizers of the idea of ​​the First International Poetry Festival ”PAGE BREAK” in Jelgava.

Efe Dujan poems are available here

Efe Duyan PhD
Head of Scientific direction, Assistant Professor
301, Durbes iela 4

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