German Federal Foundation for the Environment scholarship for Master’s graduates and PhD students

German Federal Foundation for the Environment scholarship for Master’s graduates and PhD students

The German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) scholarship programme aims to give highly qualified graduates from Central and Eastern European universities the opportunity to improve their skills and share their experience in the field of environment and nature protection through internships in German companies or institutions, in order to contribute to solving current environmental and nature protection problems when they return to their home country.

The programme includes internships at the most appropriate institution for each scholarship holder (universities, research institutes, public institutions for environmental management, industry associations, private companies working in the environmental field, environmental NGOs). The minimum duration of the scholarship is 6 months and the maximum is 12 months. In addition to improving professional skills, the scholarship also aims at breaking down barriers and building international networks of experts who exchange experience, data and information. A total of around 60 applicants are awarded the scholarship each year.

You must have completed your Master’s studies with above-average grades. Graduates of previous years are also eligible, but the diploma must have been obtained no more than 5 years ago. Some scholarship holders use their placements in Germany to complete and extend their doctoral theses. Prospective scholarship holders must be a national of their country of residence. The fellowship is not awarded as a side-fund. Nor is the scholarship intended for students who wish to pursue full-time studies at a German university or to complete their doctoral thesis there (24-36 months). Each application must be accompanied by a comprehensive description of the project idea on the specific environmental or nature conservation topic. Importantly, the DBU promotes the integration of a wide range of disciplines in environmental science, so that it covers a broad range of young researchers, not only from the classical environmental sciences, but also from law, teaching, economics, agriculture, engineering, etc., as long as the topic is related to the environment or nature conservation.

The scholarship application is online and more detailed information is available on the DBU website

You can apply in German or English. The application must be accompanied by:

  • curriculum vitae (CV);
  • a description of the project idea (topic);
  • a copy of the diploma, including an English or German translation;
  • a letter of recommendation from the supervisor of the Master’s thesis in English or German;
  • proof of proficiency in English and/or German.

Applications are invited twice a year. In Latvia, the closing dates for applications are each
5 March and 5 September of each year.

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