2nd International Architecture and Design Conference RIXARCH has concluded

2nd International Architecture and Design Conference RIXARCH has concluded

On April 12 and 13, the Faculty of Architecture and Design of RISEBA University organised the 2nd International Architecture and Design Conference “RIXARCH” 2024. The conference took place in Riga and its main theme was “Blind spot”, which invited to look at the optical and metaphorical dimension of this concept.

The conference programme was complemented by the joint exhibition of “T’ Space / Steven Myron Holl Foundation” based in Rainbeck, New York, and the RISEBA Faculty of Architecture and Design – “Rome. Teacher: Astra Zariņa”. The exhibition is on display from March 14 to April 13, 2024 at the National Library of Latvia.

The RIXARCH 2024 conference brought together a number of distinguished and internationally important speakers who shared their experience in architecture and urban planning. Ole Wiig, co-founder and creative director of NSW Architects, presented an innovative design approach to architecture. Nancy Josephson, President of the Civita Institute or Northwest Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning in Italy (NIAUSI), offered an insight into a unique planning approach oriented towards the interaction between architecture and urban planning. The experience was also shared by Jana Jākobsone, Chief Architect of the UNESCO World Heritage City of Kuldīga.

The conference RIXARCH 2024 focused on the outstanding Latvian architect and pedagogue Astra Zariņa. Born in 1929 in Riga, Astra Zariņa began her studies at the University of Washington in 1947, where she studied from such architects as Laionel Price, Wendell Lovett and Viktor Steinbruck.

The RIXARCH conference aims to bring together distinguished architects and emerging researchers from the local and international architectural community, creating a platform for productive discussions on contemporary architectural issues. On the first day of the conference, representatives of the creative fields were invited to apply for the conference and to submit short research abstracts. All submissions are subject to double-blind peer review. Accepted abstracts were published in the conference abstract book, which was made available to authors on the day of the conference. In addition, authors were invited to submit full papers for publication in the 2024 special issue of the RISEBA scientific journal ADAMarts, contributing to the ongoing debate in the field of architecture.


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