You can get acquainted with the publications of the University at the RISEBA Library, Meža Street 3, 4th floor, if you are interested in purchasing them, please send a request to: [email protected]

The range of souvenirs available varies, please enquire locally Customer Service Centre, + 371 26465351 or [email protected]

RISEBA stickers

DL format, white background.

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Notepad with RISEBA logo, A5 format

A5 notebook with RISEBA logo, dotted pages.

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Gift bag (M)

A5 gift bag with RISEBA logo, paper.

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Metallic pen

Red metal pen with RISEBA logo and touch sensitive tip, printed on one side.

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Gift bag (L)

A4 gift bag with RISEBA logo, paper

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Black sunglasses with white RISEBA logo.

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Black graphite pencil

Black pencil with white RISEBA logo

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Full-colour badges with pin

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Waterproof Phone Pouch

Adhesive waterproof pouch, 90 x 230 mm, with drawstring

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