Valērija Kozlova – Baltic Sustainability Award finalist

Valērija Kozlova – Baltic Sustainability Award finalist

We are happy to share the news that Valērija, Head of the RISEBA Eco Council, is a finalist of the Baltic Sustainability Award in the category “Sustainability Ambassador”. This is a special achievement and a proud moment for the whole RISEBA family.

Why is it important?

Valērija is a shining example of the RISEBA Eco-Council and her selection highlights our collective commitment to sustainability at the university. This achievement is not just the work of an individual; it reflects the efforts and values of our community in promoting sustainable change.

Share the information and vote: this is a crucial moment and your support is crucial. We encourage everyone to share this message with their networks and help increase Valerie’s impact. Every vote is a step closer to victory!

Vote for Valērija here

The highlight of this event will be the BSA Forum and Awards Ceremony on December 7th, where the winners will be announced. Stay tuned for more details on the BSA website.

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