RISEBA students are invited to become Erasmus “student buddies”

RISEBA students are invited to become Erasmus “student buddies”

As the new semester begins, we welcome Erasmus+ mobility students from France, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Kazakhstan and Turkey to our university. That is why we invite local RISEBA students to apply and become an Erasmus “student buddy”.

Become a student buddy

What does it mean to be a student buddy?

You will become the person an Erasmus+ student can turn to in case of questions.

Your main tasks:

  • Help the student integrate into our university and society;
  • Introduce them to Latvia, Riga and to help them with practical matters such as the application for a benchmark or ISIC card;
  • Recommend the best places for entertainment, leisure and events;
  • Help with other everyday life issues, such as opening a Latvian bank account;
    enjoy and have fun together.

This is a great opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and try new things, improve your English, exchange experiences, have new intercultural experiences and make friends!

The “Student buddy” will receive support from the RISEBA External Relations Office throughout the semester if needed and other benefits such as participation in international parties, Erasmus+ mobility benefits, etc.
Apply by filling in the Google application form:

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