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The doctoral studios were founded in 2006. The joint doctoral programme is being implemented in cooperation with RISEBA University and BA School of Business and Finance, with the main strategic partners being SSE Riga and Kaiserslauterne University.

The aim of the programme is to prepare doctors of science, higher-skilled researchers and specialists, making a significant contribution to the development of entrepreneurship and enterprises in Latvia and Europe.

The joint doctoral study programme “Business Management” is the first doctoral study programme in Latvia (founded in 2006). During this period, a unique experience of managing the joint programme has been accumulated in preparing the new doctors of science.
The Joint Ph. D. program Business Management is the only open-label program that attracts experts from different countries as scientific leaders and guest professors. The strengths of the programme are its compliance with the business development objectives set by the EU and Latvia, as well as the effective exchange of knowledge between higher education, the business environment and society.

The programme is implemented in both Latvian and English, which allows attracting foreign students and creating an international scientific environment for students. In addition, studies in English are organised in the form of sessions (three sessions per year), allowing foreign doctoral students to continue their professional activities in the home country, combining them with studies in Latvia. Foreign students can also take advantage of the opportunity to participate in program hearings remotely and discuss the work of the promotion at different stages of its development.
Doctoral studies are the highest possible level of education, and graduates of the programme are employed in higher level positions in public administration and entrepreneurship, and in academic environment – leading researchers, professors and experts of the Latvian Council of Science. A large proportion of graduates are employers themselves.

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Council of the Joint PhD study Programme
The Council of the doctoral study programme “Business Management” of the joint economic and entrepreneurial sector (subsector of entrepreneurial management) is a collegial institution, which operates in accordance with the by-law of the Council, documents regulating the doctoral study programme and regulatory enactments of the Republic of Latvia. The PhD programme is implemented by two universities: the School of Business, Arts and Technology, RISEBA, and the BA School of Business and Finance.
The Council shall approve the study programme and changes thereto, supervise the implementation of the doctoral study programme, examine the promotional work, directing it towards defence in the Promotion Council, discuss the financial settlements to be performed with each other and perform other activities related to the implementation of the programme.

President-in-Office of the Council:
Prof. Emeritus,
Dr. HAB. OEC. Vulfs Kozlinskis

Members of the Council:

RISEBA Recorder Prof., Dr. OEC. Irina Senņikova
RISEBA Vice-rector for research ASOC. Prof, Dr OEC. Valters Kaže
Professor ASOC of BA School of Business and Finance. Prof., Dr.Sc.Adm. Līga Peiseniece
BA School of Business and Finance Science Prorector Andris Nastins
Professor Dr OEC of BA School of Business and Finance. Tatjana Volkova

Student Representative: Valeria Kozlova

Secretary-General of the Council:
Anna Strazda, Head of Science at RISEBA
By-law of the Council for Dr studies

RISEBA is the only university in the Baltics that gained the status of AN EDAMBA Member in September 2018. The high school’s rector, Professor Tatjana Vasilyeva, admits: ‘being part of the association’s executive committee is a great honour, it is also a high assessment for the high school as a whole. Joining THE EDAMBA Association was and continues to be a big step in the development of RISEBA science. Doctoral students and promotions managers of the institution of higher education may significantly improve the network of researchers – partners, perform joint research work within the framework of various international projects, participate in a prestigious annual competition for promotions, etc.

EDAMBA is an international nonprofit set up in 1991 to promote closer collaboration among doctoral programs specializing in entrepreneurship, thus

  • offering a platform for the exchange of scientific information,
  • supporting joint scientific research,
  • helping the association’s participating universities improve the quality of their PhD research, maintaining a European focus while promoting diversity.

Each year, EDAMBA also offers its members:

  • EDAMBA Winter School doctoral students and promotions heads;
  • THE EDAMBA summer Research Academy (since 1992),
  • The EDAMBA PhD study Competition (since 2003),
  • regular meetings, exchange of experience.

Currently, EDAMBA members are universities from 26 countries around the world.

More about EDAMBA

Anna Strazda Mg.psych.
Head of Research Division, Researcher
304, Meža iela 3
Iveta Ludviga
Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics, Director of Doctoral programme “Business Management”, and Masters Study programmes “Human Resources Management”, “International Business”, Professor
304, Meža iela 3
Aigars Ceplītis M.F.A.
Executive Dean of Faculty of Media and Creative Technologies, Administrative Director of the Doctoral programme “Media Arts and Creative technologies”, Director of the Masters Study programme “New Media and Audiovisual Arts”, doctor
211, Durbes iela 4

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